"Where Are Your Keys?" Language Acquisition Workshop Day 1

When you hear the phrase “Learning a foreign language,” what images come to mind? Do you see students huddled over their desks, scribbling in workbooks? Maybe grammar quizzes and tables of vocab? If you’ve used a system like Rosetta Stone, maybe you picture a person in headphones clicking through a computer program. 

What if, instead, you saw a group of friends hanging out, laughing, shouting, and gesturing wildly in some kind of crazy charades game, only to realize later that without ever cracking a textbook or learning a grammatical rule, they had accidentally started to speak in another language?

“Where Are Your Keys?”, or WAYK, is a “language fluency game” designed for use in language revitalization movements. When an endangered language is going extinct and its community wants to save it, WAYK provides a way to learn the language at a break-neck pace without having to rely on textbooks or formally trained teachers. It is a distillation of learning techniques from many different fields, packaged into an active and addictive game that you can play with your friends. 

At this two-day conference, attendees will learn how to wield the techniques of the WAYK game to teach and learn language extremely fast. They will also get to work and talk with language activists from around the country who are using the WAYK game to help revitalize endangered languages.

On Day 1 (November 5), we will focus on the techniques of the game and how they help to drastically speed up language acquisition, and we'll apply them to learning Mandarin Chinese as quickly as possible.

On Day 2 (November 6), we will choose a volunteer from the attendees who speaks a language the rest of us do not know, and then demonstrate how the game can be used to quickly learn and teach the new language.

(DROP-INS WELCOME! The event will be open-house style, so those unable to attend the entirety are still welcome to come!)

This workshop will be great for anyone interested in language learning, teaching, or revitalization, and highly useful for anyone planning to travel abroad or who would otherwise like to be able to learn languages very quickly. Those interested in how games can be leveraged to accelerate learning will also enjoy seeing the techniques of the game at work.



Saturday, November 5, 2011. 8:30 AM.
Approximate duration of 7.5 hour(s).
Native American Cultural Center (Map)
General Public
Public Service
Conference / Symposium
Esperanto Stanford

Please RSVP to David at dedwards@stanford.edu

Students under 18 must RSVP in advance to obtain a permission slip for the event.


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